Fashion collection «Dove of peace»

Creator — Tanya Rastorgueva (the CREATE-IN)

Concept: Absurdity of the war and violence. Lie of the powers that be to make people go to the war.
References: H.R.Giger artworks, E.M. Remarque
The collection includes 5 models:

The general : peace protection on the outside and inner willingness for it’s destruction.
A black coat made of fabric by Baltex and a leather carved and hand painted corset.
Leather carved and hand painted headpiece

The agent: warrior of the Cold War
Leather dress combined with machine gun shape leather glove and leather mask with two peace signs on the eyes

The Gun-master: War-businessman

Leather dress.

The soldier: warrior of the Hot war
Sleeveless leather jacket, shorts made of Baltex fabric with leather belts and leather leg protectors

Dove of peace: symbol of peace and life.
Sheer white dress made of KarFlorens fabric with chain straps with pleated elements